Published works


Philosophers’ Dogs
(To be published in 2021, Unbound)
Philosophers’ Dogs is a beautifully illustrated, satirical book based on the idea that all philosophers stole their ideas from their dogs.

The book will introduce readers to canine philosophers like Karl Barks, Sun Shih-tzu, and Mary Woof-stonecraft, as it seeks to answer important philosophical questions such as “who really is a “good” dog?” and “are tennis balls always real?”

Short stories

The Gap
(2019, Cath Barton Fiction Prize)
The Gap‘ won Cath Barton’s regular Fiction Prize in 2019 and is available to read via the website.

That was back before, of course
(2018, The Short Story)
That was back before, of course‘ was published by The Short Story in 2018.

Ernest Hemingway has balls
(2018, Defenestration Magazine)
Ernest Hemingway has balls’ was published by Defenestration Magazine in 2018.

(2016, Bare Fiction Award)
‘Snow’ was shortlisted for the Bare Fiction Award in 2016.

What he said about the war
(2016, Bath Flash Fiction Award)
What he said about the war‘ was shortlisted for the Bath Flash Fiction Award in 2016 and published in the anthology of shortlisted works.

(2013, Sea Speak Sphere/Collective Exile)
Breath‘ is a short lyric essay, accompanied by a lyric video ‘A manifesto for descendants of the ocean‘. It was published by ‘Collective Exile’ and then by award-winning artist Asher Jay as part of her environmentalist project ‘Sea Speak Sphere’ in 2013.

(2013, Ball Bearing Press)
Fruit‘ was published as part of the ‘Inklings’ anthology by Ball Bearing Press in 2013.

(2012, Almond Press)
Carrier‘ received first prize in the Almond Press ‘Fall’ competition in 2012. It was published in the ‘Fall’ anthology as the lead story.

(2011, Verge/MONASH)
Living‘ was published in the ‘Verge’ 2010 anthology by MONASH.

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