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Dogs in a time of Coronavirus

Hello, friends. These sure are some strange times to be living in, are they not? But in times of great, global change, sometimes the most surprising things are those aspects of life that don’t change – when everything else around us is. Take working with my sister, to create our book, ‘Philosophers’ Dogs’. Rosie is theContinue reading “Dogs in a time of Coronavirus”

Biscuits means biscuits

This post was originally published on Unbound on 31 January 2020. So, it’s finally here. Over 3 years after the dogs of the UK voted for more biscuits, in perhaps the most significant canine referendum, canines across the country will be receiving the aforementioned biscuits at precisely 11pm this evening. It is a topic thatContinue reading “Biscuits means biscuits”

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