Neil Gaiman endorses Philosophers’ Dogs

In this blog post: GOOD NEWS!

Good news? I hear you ask! What good news could that be? Does it involve dogs? It sure does; great guess. Does it also involve world famous, best selling authors? Wow, great guess again; you must be psychic!

That’s right: ‘Philosophers’ Dogs’ has officially been described as “marvellous” by acclaimed, best-selling writer Neil Gaiman. NEIL. HECKIN’. GAIMAN. After he retweeted us, my absurdly talented sister and Philosophers’ Dogs co-creator, Rosie Benson, drew a couple of (brilliant) illustrations of Neil and his dog, Cabal (who we always knew was the real genius behind some of Neil’s books). Needless to say, it seems Neil liked them – as you can see from the screenshot below. 

You see, it’s not just philosophers who have been stealing their ideas from their dogs this whole time. All writers and artists have been doing it, too. There’s a reason you never hear about the real mastermind behind the Mona Lisa, Leonardo Dog Vinci, after all. 

Hope you like Rosie’s illistrations of Neil and Cabal – you can check them out in high-res at here below.

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